3 Demonstrators were developed in the course of the Omega Project. A preview of these can be found below. For more details see this link.


OMEGA was started in 2011 as part of the "Programma Innovatieve Media (PIM)" of IWT Flanders.

The project goal is to gain a better insight into the entire process of launching new Massive Multipayer On-line Games in an economically viable way. The main focus is the Flemish game development industry.

Omega targets the following objectives :

  • Study the way in which new and small players can enter the MMO market, focused on smaller-scale productions. The main target is non-AAA titles; nonetheless, state-of-the-art technologies are to be examined (e.g. wireless applications, mobile devices, niche genres etc). Correctly estimating costs and benefits is clearly essential.
  • Supplement the above-mentioned research with state-of-the-art technological research. By going beyond the conceptual level, but rather experimenting with real-world examples, more representative results should be obtained. This will be supplemented by a small-scale market analysis to determine whether technological choices to be made can be substantiated with the current context of mobile broadband or heterogeneous platforms.
  • The technological reseach in turn is based on two main pillars :
    • Analyzing the usefulness of cloud platforms to support the deployment of an MMO back-end infrastructure. The focus will be on IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) platforms (cf Amazon EC2, Eucalyptus of Vmware vCloud).
    • Real-world tests and validation of the options described above. The goal is to use existing MMO platforms wherever possible, extending them for use on cloud platforms. Specific attention will be paid to the monitoring infrastructure and platform-independency.

Proof-of-concept demonstrators are an important outcome of the research activities. These will be integrated in and based on the output of the individual work packages of the project. They will also serve as showpieces for the results obtained within Omega.